High-Performance School Buildings:

Welcome to the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) web site's special "classroom" about High-Performance School Buildings. This Training Center was developed with support from the US Department of Energy's Rebuild America/EnergySmart Schools program and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Valuable resources for school officials and design professionals are available at energysmartschools.gov. If you've heard about High-Performance (or sustainable, or green) School Buildings and want to know more, please stay for a few minutes and Play the Video on this page. You will learn how High-Performance School Buildings boost student health and productivity, conserve energy and water and other natural resources, and save communities money.

If you already know the benefits of high performance schools and, as a concerned citizen, wish to tell other leaders in your community about them, please register on this page to receive instruction and tools that will prepare you to deliver a persuasive, consistent, authoritative presentation to any audience about High-Performance School Buildings. Deane Evans, FAIA, SBIC member, architect, and veteran SBIC schools workshop instructor, will give you the essential information and road-tested tips and techniques to be a "local advocate" or "circuit rider" in your state for better school facilities.

For more than 20 years, SBIC has been dedicated to making America's buildings as healthful, comfortable, energy efficient, affordable, and sustainable as knowledge and technology allows by training architects and engineers in "whole-building" design strategies. Our High Performance School Buildings program focuses our resources on this particular, and very important, building type, and is also working to educate non-technical audiences about the benefits of holisticly designed school facilities. We'd like you to help us spread the word that "high performance" should be the STANDARD quality of facility for educating our children and that High-Performance School Buildings are obtainable by any community, within any budget, as long as they know how to ask for them.